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Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

TESTED 9.7.18, GERMANY ON SALE NOW PRICE £225,000 Aston Martin is stepping into super-GT territory with this 715bhp coupé – and Ferrari and Bentley had better watch their toes Imagine a car market without a Volkswagen Golf in it; […]

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BMW M2 Competition

TESTED 20.7.18, SPAIN ON SALE NOW PRICE £49,805 M2 Competition replaces the ‘plain’ M2 with the promise of better on-the-limit handling and more muscle. And, boy, does it deliver Here’s how it goes, then. I’m not sure I’d ever […]

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A Bug’s Life

VW’s venerable icon is about to go out of production with no replacement lined up (yet). Matt Prior drives a current version and reflects on the Beetle’s impact Hippies. Herbie. The love bug. A vase […]

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Cover Story: G20 Summit

Will the G20-generation BMW 3 Series mark a return to the bestselling wundercar’s sporting roots? Matt Saunders test drives a prototype to find out In a car market that almost always makes it harder for […]

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Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

TESTED 30.7.18, Wiltshire ON SALE Now PRICE £251,462 Significant tweaks make Sant’Agata’s old-school V12 supercar even more evocative Options for those who would like an open-air supercar with no fewer than 12 cylinders are thin on the ground. […]

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Frozen Assets

Whitby Morrison is a world leader in ice cream van manufacturing and another British automotive success story. John Evans pays a visit British, bespoke and hand-built in Crewe – it can only be one thing: […]

Lexus Boss Issues EV Warning

Pure-electric vehicles are not a practical solution for all drivers, says Yoshihiro Sawa Lexus boss Yoshihiro Sawa has cautioned manufacturers against focusing solely on electric powertrains – because such systems can’t meet the needs of […]