BMW Motorrad Malaysia: 4 motorbikes launched

The motorbikes are from adventure, touring and urban scooter segments: the BMW C 400 X and BMW C 400 GT, BMW F 750 GS, and BMW R 1250 RT

BMW Motorrad Malaysia has launched four new premium motorcycles.

The new motorcycles introduced are the BMW C 400 X and BMW C 400 GT urban scooters from its Urban Mobility segment as well as an enduro, the new BMW F 750 GS and a tourer, the new BMW R 1250 RT.

Urban mobility in the new BMW C 400 X and BMW C 400 GT
BMW C 400 X and BMW C 400 GT are both equipped with newly developed engines.

The new BMW C 400 X is a mid-sized scooter designed for city living. Light and manoeuvrable, the C 400 X is suited to getting through tight alleys and dense traffic conditions. The proportions and front mudguard, offer wind and weather protection. The large asymmetric LED headlight with the optional daytime running light design give visibility. There are also two integrated storage compartments and a Flexcase under the single-section seat for convenience.

The BMW C400 GT is a maxi scooter, the Gran Turismo variant of the BMW C 400 X. The C 400 GT offers the same manoeuvrability but is larger, providing more comfort, touring capacity and space for a passenger on separate rider backseat.

Like the C 400 X, the GT is equipped with twin LED headlights, and enhanced wind and weather protection from a higher windshield.

Both Urban Mobility models are powered by a single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 350cc combined with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with a torsional drivetrain swing arm, vibration decoupling and Automatic Stability Control (ASC) as standard. The engine outputs 34 bhp at 7500 rpm and 35 Nm peak torque at 6000 rpm. Suspension and damping are managed by a telescopic fork at the front and two spring struts at the rear. They are also equipped with twin disc brakes at the front and a single disc brake at the rear. The bikes are fitted with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) as standard.

Connectivity is offered as an option with a 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen as the instrument cluster. Together with the BMW Motorrad Multi-Controller for integrated operation, it allows the rider to access vehicle and connectivity functions: the convenience of being able to use the phone and listen to music during travel and navigation by means of arrow-based navigation available through the BMW Motorrad Connected App.

The new Urban Mobility scooters feature Keyless Ride in which the steering lock, ignition, fuel-filler flap and anti-theft device are all activated by a transponder integrated in the vehicle key.

The new BMW C 400 GT is available in three colours: non-metallic Alpine White and Moonwalk Grey, and the metallic Black Storm. The new BMW C 400 X meanwhile is available in three paint finishes – metallic Zenith Blue and Black Storm, as well as non-metallic Alpine White.

The new BMW F 750 GS
The new BMW F 750 GS is an all-rounder , an enduro offering the advantages of power with the comfort of a lower seat height.

The F750 GS has a distinctive flyline, striking new headlamps and an Exclusive style galvanised radiator blind. It is unmistakably a GS with its slim rear to the striking front tank right up to the GS-typical top front mudguard.

The new BMW F 750 GS has a reengineered 2-cylinder in-line engine and two counterbalance shafts to absorb unwanted vibrations. It also has a firing interval of 270/450 degrees to provide an emotional sound. The new BMW F 750 GS packs a more powerful punch than its predecessor with a displacement of 853 cc and 77 bhp at 7500 rpm.

A self-amplifying, anti-hopping clutch has been fitted to the BMW F 750 GS. This reduces the kick when the hand clutch is operated along with a drop in drag torque, improving safety on the road. Power transmission to the rear wheel is generated by the 6-speed gearbox with secondary drive that is now positioned on the left-hand side.

The F 750 GS comes with two riding modes, Rain and Road. In Rain mode, the throttle response is softer with the Automatic Stability Control (ASC) or Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and Automatic Braking System (ABS) primed for slippery conditions.

The instrument cluster on the F750GS is completely new with Connectivity capabilities and features a 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen.

The New BMW F 750 GS is offered in the following finishes – Austin Yellow Metallic, Style Exclusive Stereo Metallic Matt, or Light White.

The BMW R 1250 RT
The new BMW R 1250 RT features an extensively updated boxer engine, the mainstay of the GS and RT models, with increase capacity and power. The new boxer is now 1254cc, from 1170cc with power now 136bhp and 143Nm of torque, with more refinement and smoothness. Emissions and fuel consumption  have also been decreased but not at the expense of the renown soundtrack.

BMW ShiftCam Technology has been used for the first time in the serial production of BMW Motorrad engines: this enables variation of the valve timings and valve stroke on the intake side. In addition, the intake camshafts are designed for asynchronous opening of the two intake valves, resulting in enhanced swirl of the fresh, incoming mixture and therefore more effective combustion. Other technical changes to the engine relate to the camshaft drive – now taken care of by a toothed chain (previously a roller chain) – an optimised oil supply, twin-jet injection valves and a new exhaust system.

Riding Safety innovations as standard include Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Antilock Braking System (ABS) Pro and Hill Start Control – for easier stopping and setting off on a slope. Meanwhile, Riding Modes Pro where additional riding modes of Dynamic, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Hill Start Control Pro and Dynamic Brake Assistant (DBC) are new offerings for the premium tourer. The Hill Start Control Pro can be individualised in a way that the parking brake is automatically activated on an incline when the hand or foot brake lever has been activated, shortly after the motorcycle comes to a standstill.

The new BMW R 1250 RT also offers the Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) “Next Generation”, an electronic suspension which allows finely tuned adaptation of the motorcycle to riding states, achieving optimum damping comfort and a very stable ride response.

Four individualisation packages are also available for the New BMW R 1250 RT: Comfort package, Touring package, Dynamic package, and Lights package, each adding riding pleasure, sporty adventures, or superior illumination.

The new R 1250 RT embodies its exclusive touring character in three paint finishes – the Sport Style in dynamic Mars Red, Elegance Style in sleek Carbon Black and the classic variant in Alpine White for a timeless look.

The retail prices (on the road, without insurance, and with BMW Motorrad Malaysia’s All-New 3-Year Warranty and 3-Year Roadside Assistance Programmes) for the new dynamic BMW Motorrad motorcycles are:

  • The New BMW C 400 X : RM44,500.00
  • The New BMW C 400 GT : RM48,500.00
  • The New BMW F 750 GS : RM71,500.00
  • The New BMW R 1250 RT : RM139,500.00

Financial Services
Finance packages are available from BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia. The New BMW C 400 X starts from RM 550.00 per month, the new BMW C 400 GT starts from RM 600.00 per month, the New BMW F 750 GS starts from RM 870.00 per month, and the New BMW R 1250 RT starts from RM 1,700.00 per month. These are based on estimates of 80% loan on a 4-year tenure.