Shell launches two new Shell Helix lubricants

Packaging debuts new labelling style to make buying engine oil easier for consumers

Shell has launched two new lubricants, Shell Helix Power and Shell Helix Protect. Both engine oils feature PurePlus Technology, an ultra-pure base oil made from natural gas. The packaging also debuts Shell’s new-style labelling that simplifies product information.

How do you choose your engine oil? Chances are, like most drivers, you leave it to the mechanic at the service centre. Shell wants to change that mindset by removing unnecessary information on the labels. With less technical, more consumer-friendly details, users choose their lubricant according to the benefits they are looking for. Do you want an engine oil to protect against start-stop city driving stress? Or more power at high speeds for smoother acceleration?

Shell Helix Power has performance-focused additives that maximise engine power and deliver faster acceleration for smoother drives on highways, hilly terrains and open roads. It retails for RM280 for a 4-litre pack.

The engine protection-focused additives in Shell Helix Protect help cleanse engine components for longer engine life in cars that operate under stressful stop-start driving conditions in urban centres. The recommended retail price is RM240 for a 4-litre pack.

Both are low viscosity fully-synthetic engine oils which flow faster to coat and protect key moving engine components during start-up. This can contribute to less wear from cold starts, better fuel economy, lower carbon emissions and lower maintenance costs from longer oil drain intervals.

To celebrate the launch of the new Shell Helix Power and Shell Helix Protect, Shell Malaysia distributed complimentary packs of the new engine oils and Shell Helix Care Kits to Grab driver-partners as part of its #BecauseWeCare initiative.

For information on the new Shell Helix Helix Power 0W-40 and Shell Helix Protect 0W-30, please visit