MAN Malaysia showcases highest ADR-spec MAN TGS trucks

MAN Malaysia showcases MAN TGS ADR Trucks certified to transport explosive materials

MAN Malaysia showcased two units of MAN TGS Trucks with the highest ADR Class EX/II and EX/III (with certification) specifications at a recent gathering for oil and gas industry transporters, body builders, partners and government agencies. 

ADR or “Accord Dangereux Routier” is French for “European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” and the standard that governs the transportation of dangerous goods by road.  

MAN TGS ADR Trucks with Class EX/II and EX/III specifications are certified fit to transport even explosive materials or objects with explosive substances. The majority of ADR trucks in the Malaysian market are only compliant up to FL Class (equipped to carry flamable liquids).

MAN Malaysia Managing Director Andrew O’Brooks said that company’s decision to offer its MAN TGS ADR Truck variant with the highest level of safety features reflected its commitment as a responsbile truck manufacturer and to ensure ultimate safety for drivers, businesses and the public in the course of transporting dangerous cargo.

Euro V-powered MAN TGS ADR Trucks are built with many standard safety features. Key passive safety features include   

  • driver’s airbag
  • integrated three-point seat belt with tensioners
  • emergency power cut-off switches inside and outside the cabin
  • aluminium instead of steel wheels to reduce weight and friction
  • earth-return system to prevent electrocution (no earth cable connected to the chassis)
  • wire harneses encased in fire protective material

For active safety, there is MAN BrakeMatic electronic brake management system, a proprietary system. The system consolidates and coordinates the service brake, control systems and continuous braking systems to prevent jackknifing and keep the truck in line.

MAN TGS ADR Trucks have advanced driver assistance systems or ADAS. These include

  • Lane Guard System (LGS) with Lane Departure Warning
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Electronic Stabiity Programme (ESP)
  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

MAN Trucks leads the way in driver orientation, fuel efficiency, assistance systems, digital networking and above all, sustainability.  

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