Making The NSX

Honda has a big manufacturing facility in Marysville, Ohio. Inside, more than 800 Accords roll out of the door every single day.

Next door, though, the Honda Performance Manufacturing Center turns out just eight NSXs.

The process is laborious, albeit more automated than you might think. Chassis are robotically welded and — except for steel A-pillars and some composites — mostly aluminium.

They’re dipped and painted on site, too, as are body panels.

Then ancillaries, electrics and interiors are attached, without a great deal of automation, while engines (Honda has a separate engine assembly plant down the road) are slid in from underneath.

Body panel attachment is one of the last steps — that’s a job that is performed by people, before the car is weighed, and ride height and corner weights are checked. Then there’s a dyno test, rig test (to replicate road inputs to check for squeaks) and a paintwork/finish check.