Continental MaxContact MC7 tyres now in Malaysia

New Continental MaxContact MC7 improved with shorter braking distance and less noise

MaxContact MC7 is now available. The new tyre from Continental is aimed at the sporty, high-performance car market. Characteristics of the MC7 include an improved feeling of handling control, shorter braking distance and less noise.

The upgraded performance comes from improved tyre compound formulation and tyre design. The pressure distribution within the tyres has been optimised by using Cornering Macroblocks to maximising the contact area with the road. Silica in the ReFlex Compound in the tyre helps reduce braking distance under both wet and dry conditions. ReFlex Compound also improves resistance to tyre deformation. The new thread design with 3D laser cut sipes channels water more efficiently to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The Two-in-1 Noise Breaker 3.0 has been upgraded to disrupt sound waves, preventing noise build-up from entering the cabin.

The new MaxContact MC7 tyre comes in sizes ranging from 16” to 21” and is available Asia-Pacific markets from Q1 of 2024. Availability will vary from market to market.

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