Driving skincare tips to keep your skin from harmful UV rays while driving

Driving skincare steps to keep your skin from harmful UV rays while driving

Did you know? Our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays even being inside a car. So, here are 3 simple skincare tips to follow before going on a drive.

Driving a car has become part and parcel in our daily lives, and here are 3 simple skincare tips to follow before getting behind the wheel. However, even with the best tints fitted, it is still prudent to take the additional skincare steps to fight skin pigmentation and ageing. Moreover, window tints can degrade over time, especially when the car is exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Apply sunscreen

Surprised? Where you will be, facing the sun directly or even indirectly still counts. This is especially true when driving in your car. While it is prudent to opt for UV protective tint for your car, do pay mind that even with the best tints in the market, can and will degrade over time. Especially if your car is parked in the sun for most of the time.

For the best comfort, while being behind the wheel, you can opt for water-based sunscreens from Biore or Dermalogica, or BB creams with SPF50++ rating for better coverage. Moreover, there are a wide variety of foundations with SPF ratings available to choose from as well.

Driving skincare steps to keep your skin from harmful UV rays while driving
Taking photos and driving great cars outside require plenty of protection against the sun.

Heavier outdoor sunscreens are not advisable unless if you have to be out in the open for longer periods of time. If your skin is sensitive to such products, sun visors can come in handy. If you are wearing sleeveless clothes, UV protective cardigans or sweaters will keep them from the harmful rays.

Remember to wait 15-30 minutes before heading out after applying. Reapply sunscreen again after 30 minutes of your first exposure to the sun. And then again every two hours as long as you’re outside.

Moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise. 

It goes without saying that moisturising is an essential step in a person’s skincare routine. Why is it important to moisturise? The air conditioning system in a car is no different than that of the ones in the office. Likewise, the air conditioning system in cars can suck up a lot of moisture from your skin. Therefore, moisturise at the start of the day and after coming home from work or arriving at your destination.

Keep yourself hydrated

Rehydration by drinking water while being in a car is a huge help. Not only for your bodily functions but also keeps your skin stays hydrated. It is not only the surface which you need to take care of but also beneath the skin. Furthermore, this can help reduce water retention and alleviate fatigue.

To conclude, reducing the exposure to sunlight is key. While exposing yourself to the sun every once in a while has its benefits, too much of it can be harmful. Do take in mind that being in cars can protect your skin as much as staying under a shade. But taking these extra steps can help your skin to stay healthy.