Rolls-Royce creates the “Wraith Luminary Collection”

Bespoke masterpiece collection of 55 unique Rolls-Royce motor cars 

For the patron who is bewildered by the embarrassment of riches posed by the dazzling array of bespoke options from the luxury marque, some help is at hand from Rolls-Royce: a  limited collection of 55 Wraiths, Rolls-Royce’s Luminary Collection. The bespoke masterpieces were created to be the pinnacle of hand-crafted luxury.

Design features include the first-ever shooting star headliner, illuminated wooden panelling, stainless steel hand-woven fabric and a new exterior paintwork, Sunburst Grey – a solid grey with rich copper tones. A hand-painted Sunburst motif coachline, Wake Channel Lines on the bonnet and pinstripes applied to the wheel centres in Saddlery Tan, to reflect the colour of the interior leather.

The illuminated wood panelling is Tudor Oak wood sourced from the Czech Republic and carefully perforated so that the light from 176 LEDs permeate through to form a pattern like the trailing light of a shooting star, and light up at the touch of a button. The LEDs are  linked to the controls of the starlight headliner and when switched on, fill the cabin with an ambient glow.

The starlight headliner of the Luminary is a handwoven configuration of 1340 fibre optic lights. It takes nearly 20 hours to set up so that eight shooting stars fire at random to create a theatrical effect in the cabin.

The Wraith Luminary’s cabin is trimmed in Saddlery Tan with the rear seats in Anthracite leather as a contrast. There is an alternative of Seashell coloured leather for the rear. The central transmission tunnel and door panniers are covered in hand-woven stainless steel fabric. The high tech fabric is made of strands of stainless steel fibre, 0.08mm – 0.19mm in diameter, woven in a cross-hatch pattern set at 45 degrees.

As a final touch, the car’s hand-polished stainless steel tread plates are engraved with ‘WRAITH LUMINARY COLLECTION – ONE OF FIFTY-FIVE’.

The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective is group of engineers, designers and craftspeople located at Goodwood, West Sussex, the home of Rolls-Royce, dedicated to devising the most elegant and innovative one-of-a-kind interiors for Rolls-Royce’s most discerning patrons.