Rolls-Royce at Geneva 2018

Rolls-Royce has three specially-commissioned Phantoms at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, each one a showcase of Rolls-Royce’s luxury and Bespoke craftsmanship. Rolls-Royce will also introduce the Dawn Aero Cowling, dubbed the world’s sexiest drophead coupé.

Detaeils of the four distinctive vehicles are as follows:

“The Gentleman’s Tourer” Phantom
The standard wheelbase Phantom features an Iced Gunmetal and silver exterior with black, Selby Grey and Anthracite leather cabin and a silver pinstripe across the piano black veneer.
Developed specifically for a patron with an interest in high performance aircraft, the Cascade Steel Gallery is finished from Ruthenium, a rare Platinum-family metal. Only 20 tonnes of this metal is mined annually – compared with 2,500 tonnes of Gold

“The Whispered Muse” Extended Wheelbase Phantom
The bespoke one-off Gallery by British Artist Helen Amy Murray is made of layers of silk, sculpted into contours to create a partial image of the Spirit of Ecstasy’s dress flowing backwards from her neck. The inspiration was Charles Sykes original drawings for the Spirit of Ecstasy.
The interior features Piano Seashell veneer, hand-stitched 
Charles Sykes Spirit of Ecstasy embroidery and Rose Gold Bespoke Audio speakers with Dark Spice leather front seats and Seashell leather-clad Serenity rear seats.
The two-tone Selby Grey and Palais Nemaskar Dawn exterior has a newly-developed Crystal effect finish when 10 layers of paint are built up with a final layer of glass infused clear-coat to create the high-gloss finish.
The Whispered Muse flows in the slipstream of the first-ever rose gold Spirit of Ecstasy

A Moment in Time” Phantom Extended Wheelbase Phantom
Another bespoke gallery, this one-off creation by artist Claude Johnson, captures “a moment in time” as though time stood still as the Spirit of Ecstasy’s shawl skimmed over the car at high speed. An artistic process combining photography, fluid dynamics and sculpture, and as exceptional as the outcome itself, the final interpretation is machined from a solid billet of aluminium and hand polished.
The interior is a combination of Piano Milori Sapphire veneer, navy and Selby Grey and navy hand-stitched embroidery. The exterior features a newly-created Blue Crystal over Milori Sapphire Bespoke paint. Six layers of paint are built up with the last being a layer of clear-coat infused with blue glass to create the blue crystal effect. The exterior is finished with a Selby Grey coachline and pinstripes to the wheel centres.

Dawn Aero Cowling
Rolls-Royce designers developed an extended tonneau cover over the rear seats to transform the Dawn from a four-seater boulevardier to a two-seater roadster-style tourer. The pair of hand-made aerodynamic cowls are precisely sculpted to funnel air gracefully to enhance driver/passenger comfort. 

Each cowl offers enhanced lockable leather-lined storage compartments for personal effects. The cover itself is made of carbon-fibre and aluminium and so is both light and strong. The lids of the cowls are swathed in Rolls-Royce leather to matche the interior of the car.

 The Dawn Aero Cowling display vehicle at Geneva is clad in a silver and tan colour scheme. The exterior bodywork is Cassiopeia Silver and features beautiful 21inch part-polished alloy wheels, whilst the interior is swathed in Casden Tan leather, highlighted by Selby Grey piping and stitching and Black contrast elements. The carbon-fibre on the central spine of the Aero Cowling is exposed to showcase its lightweight structure and its weave is book-matched to a contemporary chevron graphic, adding to the dynamic character of Dawn Aero Cowling. Dashboard and centre consoles featuring an intricate dark technical fibre veneer continue this ‘spine’ running down the centre of the car, which when paired with the woven leather floor mats echo the technical nature of the carbon-fibre on the Aero Cowling.