Why The New Z4 Matters

New Z4 underlines BMW’s values

BMW will continue to build sports cars such as the upcoming Z4 alongside a growing line-up of SUVs in order to underline its reputation for making ‘the ultimate driving machines’.

That’s the view of Peter Langen, BMW’s driving dynamics boss, whose firm is currently tuning the new version of the two-seat convertible ahead of its launch next year.

As with many cars firms, BMW is rapidly expanding its range of SUVs and the development of hybrid models. Asked to gauge the value to BMW of making the Z4 a driver’s car, Langen said: “For us, it’s really important. We made a decision to have more SUVs because customers want to have these cars, but it’s also important to underline sportiness and joy, which are the brand values of BMW. The Z4 will show those values very well.”

BMW has invested heavily in a new architecture for the Z4. The outgoing model was criticised for its handling and ride, and Langen said it was important for the firm to address that. “The task was to build a new sporty open car, not a follower of the old Z4,” he said. “They’re completely different. We designed the new Z4 as a new kind of sportiness.”

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