Top 3 colours for new cars in Southeast Asia

According to a colour survey by AkzoNobel , black, white and grey are the top three colour choices
Henry Ford famously said about the Model T, “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black,”. Today, automotive brands offer their new cars in a wide variety of colours but black, grey and white are still the most popular choices for new car owners in Southeast Asia, according to a survey by paints and coatings producer, AzkoNobel.

22 per cent chose black as their favourite colour, with 21 per cent and 19 per cent choosing white and grey respectively. The rationale behind these choices, may be what they represent.

Black represents power, ambition and wealth. Raymond Reddington in The Blacklist has a black Mercedes S-Class. A shiny, well-detailed black car looks stunning and dramatic, and would definitely attract the eyes of new car buyers.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, is white. Cars tend to look good in white. It is a colour associated with purity and cleanliness. On a more practical level, white surfaces reflect heat and light. White cars don’t absorb as much heat from sunlight so the inside of a car isn’t as hot as other cars after hours in the sun. In addition, the colour is widely preferred by many, so white cars often have a high resale value. All you need is for the car to be in an optimum condition and have a low mileage reading on the odometer.

Finally, the colour grey. Often seen as diplomatic, grey strikes a balance between black and white. Car owners driving grey cars tend to be modest and humble individuals, happy to blend into the crowd. The colour is simple and easy to maintain as grey does dull over time. Most importantly though, car scratches are not as noticeable when compared to other coloured cars as the lighter tone allow scratches to blend into the paint.

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