Michelin: Official Tyre Technology Partner of PlayStation

Sony to collaborate with Michelin as the official tyre technology partner of PlayStations for Gran Turismo

Online meets offline: Sony has announced that Michelin is the official tyre technology partner for PlayStation driving game Gran Turismo and also official tyre supplier for the FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships during the recent third World Tour live event under a multi-year agreement.

As Official Tyre Technology Partner of PlayStation, Michelin content will downloadable free on Gran Turismo Sport by October 2019. The downloads will feature:

  • A new Michelin section on the Gran Turismo Sport “Brand Central” virtual museum, which introduces players to Michelin’s history in global motorsports, performance and innovation.
  • Tyre technology by Michelin available in the “Tuning” section of Gran Turismo Sport, applicable to the game’s established hard, medium and soft formats.
  • On-track branding elements and scenography from international motorsports competitions and venues.

In 1895, the Michelin brothers entered a purpose-built car in the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris motor race to prove the performance of air-filled tyres. Since then, Michelin has achieved a record of innovation and ultra-high performance in the most demanding and celebrated racing competitions around the world, including 22 consecutive overall wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and more than 330 FIA World Rally Championship victories.

Michelin uses motorsports as a laboratory to collect real-world data for its models and simulators for tyre development. Michelin tyres are developed and tuned on virtual vehicles before the tyres are produced. Michelin is involved in racing series such as FIA World Endurance Championship, FIA World Rally Championship, FIA Formula E and International Motor Sports Association series in the U.S. Tyre technologies proven on the track eventually transfer to road-going performance vehicles like many of those in Gran Turismo.

Information and images can be found at: //www.michelin.com.my/auto/michelin-gran-turismo and //michelinmedia.com/gran-turismo/.