Michelin launches Energy XM2+ for compact cars

New tyre offers superior stopping power for small and mid-sized passenger cars

Michelin has unveiled the Michelin Energy XM2+ tyre which promises increased stopping power for small cars. The tyres are aimed at young and budget-conscious consumers who favour safety, and performance throughout the life of their tyres.

The Energy XM2+ is the successor of the hugely successful Energy XM2, the leading mass-market tyre for eight consecutive years, with several improvements. Aside from general durability, its “Stopping Superpower” is retained even when the tyre has been used for a long time.

With a new full-silica rubber compound, the Michelin Energy XM2+provides shorter wet braking distances by 1.5 meters when new, and by 2.6 meters when worn, compared to the average of other premium tyre manufacturers*.The tyre also offers longer mileage that outlasts other premium tyre manufacturers**by 25%.

The ‘+’sign on the sidewall denotes the rubber compound upgrade that is behind the braking superiority of the Michelin Energy XM2+versus its predecessor. The tyre also maintains the Green ‘X’ marking of its predecessor, indicating optimised fuel savings.

In Malaysia,the new Michelin Energy XM2+is now available at Tyreplus and all Michelin authorised dealers across the nation in 32 sizes, from 14-to 16-inch diameter. For more information, visit www.michelin.com.my.