Shell Malaysia fuel stations achieve Green Building Index certification

The two energy efficient stations are the first in Asia Pacific retail fuel industry

Shell Malaysia recently announced the certification of two of its fuel stations, in Damansara Jaya and Taman Connaught, as eco-friendly under the Green Building Index.

The stations qualified for certification as it fulfilled the criteria by retrofitting energy-saving products to the existing buildings:

  1. Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) system on the canopy of the station to generate electricity during daytime. Environmentally-friendly, clean electricity is generated which supplements the station’s energy requirements, and subsequently reduces expenditure on energy from the grid. 

  1. the use of colour to reduce energy consumption, such as painting the surfaces of roofs and walls white to reflect solar radiation and improve the indoor environmental quality by reducing overall temperatures during daytime.

  2. an Energy Monitoring System (EMS) at the stations, generates data which enables the two stations to track and monitor consumption of electricity and water. The data with in-built analytics provides greater visibility on usage, enables Shell to respond quicker and more effectively to consumption inconsistencies to avoid unnecessary wastage of resources.

  1. Waterless urinals and water saving taps that replace conventional bathroom fittings to drive water efficiency. Water usage was reduced by up to 60%, when compared to conventional fittings, translating to water savings of up to 310 m3/year for each station.

  1. LED lighting with lower energy consumption and longer lifespans, coupled with sensors to enable better monitoring of internal and external factors that affect and energy use and optimise its efficiency

  1. Additional features intended to encourage a positive behaviour change amongst our customers. For example, a carpool bay to encourage co-sharing, and a green vehicle bay to cater to electric cars, were established at both stations.

  1. Strategically positioned electronic display boards are located at the shops’ entrances to provide detailed information on the stations’ energy and water consumption, temperature and carbon intensity reduction. It is hoped that by sharing information about the stations’ green initiatives, it will give customers an insight into savings gained and the importance of energy and water efficiency, and reducing carbon emissions.