Perodua has opened Eco Garden green lung in Sungai Choh

Perodua has opened Eco Garden green lung in Sungai Choh

Eco Garden is Perodua’s latest environmentally sustainable project at Sungai Choh

Perodua has opened the Eco Garden at its headquarters and manufacturing campus in Sungai Choh. The 1500 square metre green lung is the car maker’s latest environmental welfare initiative. The garden will be a blueprint for Perodua to incorporate eco-friendly practices in its facilities and operations.

The Eco Garden features a natural forest with a diverse range of flora, a fish and water lily pond that makes use of treated wastewater, a recreational park, a learning centre and an organic herb garden.

Furthermore, the Perodua Eco Garden is constructed largely from recycled manufacturing waste materials, and the lighting and water pumps are powered entirely by solar electricity. Waste reduction is a key component in Perodua’s goal for efficiency.

Perodua is Malaysia’s No 1 Energy-Efficient Vehicle (EEV) manufacturer, having produced and sold over 650,000 EEVs to date, including the Axia, Bezza, third-generation Myvi and Aruz seven-seater SUV.