3M Diamond Grade Conspicuity Marking Launched

3M Malaysia has launched 3M Diamond Grade (DG3) Conspicuity Marking, a SIRIM-certified reflective sticker for commercial vehicles.

Poor visibility of heavy goods vehicles in low light conditions is one of the leading causes of road accidents involving commercial vehicles. In an effort to reduce incidents, the Road Transport Department has made SIRIM-certified lorry-marking reflective stickers mandatory on all commercial vehicles from 1st January 2017.

At night, the eye perceives only 5% of the information we see during the day. This makes vehicle conspicuity and how quickly it can be seen when it’s dawn, dusk, overcast or night, especially critical for ensuring vehicle and road safety. DG3 has full cube technology with efficient optics to provide brighter markings for road users compared to non-compliant reflective stickers. This helps drivers to detect parked or slow-moving vehicles sooner and increases other road users’ reaction times, allowing them to manoeuvre their vehicle more safely.

DG3 is durable and able to withstand the weather conditions in Malaysia with strong rigid construction for easy adhesion on smooth and even surfaces. It can be purchased from 3M Authorised Distributors and their dealers.

From January 2017, 3M™ Diamond Grade™ (DG3) Conspicuity Marking will also be available at major Puspakom Centres nationwide.

The price is for the standard products are in the range of RM60-70, with discounts for bulk purchase. More information on the 3M lorry marking reflective stickers can be found at www.3M.com.my/lorrymarking.



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