Petron Pre-paid Fleet Card: better fuel expenses management

Petron Pre-paid Fleet Card: better fuel expenses management

Petron Malaysia Sdn Bhd has launched their all-new pre-paid fleet fuel card. The chip-protected card is for smaller businesses that may not qualify for a Petron Fleet card account. The pre-paid fleet card offers all the advantages of a credit-based fleet card with the added benefit of better management of monthly fuel expenses. Privilege Miles Card points also apply with 1 point for every RM1 spent.

The card is uses the latest chip technology which protects against tampering, unauthorised card duplication and accidental erasure of data. A four-digit PIN is required when purchasing fuel.

There is a minimum top-up amount of RM100. Users of the pre-paid system can track the fuel consumption of all their card holders online in real time. They can also customise the use of the cards like limiting its use to only certain Petron stations or setting a maximum number of transactions a month. Lost or stolen cards can be blocked immediately and the balance transferred to the replacement card.

There is no cost to replace lost/stolen cards nor does Petron charge a monthly or yearly fee for their pre-paid fleet card.

Close to 1,000 Petron Pre-Paid Fleet Cards have already been issued as Petron worked with partner companies to fine-tune the pre-paid system. Currently there is only a single card system for its pre-paid users but the fuel company is working on a dual card system, for companies with vehicles which may have multiple users. One card would be issued for the vehicle and another to a specific driver. Both cards must be presented in order to purchase fuel for the registered vehicle. This is to provide better accountability for fuel usage and expenditure. The system will be introduced by early 2017.

Petron Malaysia operates more than 570 service stations in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah under the brands Petron, Mobil and Esso.