BMW Z4 sDrive20i Sport

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What’s new? Entry-level Z4 arrives with a 194bhp four-pot petrol engine and everything from Mazda’s MX-5 to the Audi TT in its sights

A drive in the Z4 sDrive20i Sport may raise more questions than it answers. Thanks to a new folding soft-top, there’s now enough boot space for a week’s driving holiday, and such is the comfort and quality of the cabin that the prospect of a day’s driving needn’t cause concern, which is unusual for a roadster.

The car’s motorway lope is generally effortless, too, and you can expect around 44mpg at a cruise. Get too enthusiastic, however, and the steering response falls out of sync with body movements, and you’ll always wonder whether a BMW sports car should accelerate more quickly. M Sport suspension – absent from our test car, but which most will option – should improve matters for an otherwise convincing effort. RL