Chery Malaysia factory now open in Malaysia

Chery Malaysia factory launch commemorated with Jaecoo J7 all-wheel drive SUV roll-off from production line

The Chery Malaysia factory in Shah Alam opened with the roll-off of the first-ever Jaecoo J7 SUV from the production line. The facility is the first in ASEAN to produce the all-wheel drive SUV. There will also be a two-wheel drive variant also produced at the factory.

Strategically located in the Shah Alam industrial zone, the Chery Corporate Malaysia Factory is in close proximity to local manufacturers critical to the supply chain. The facility is also geographically located close to Klang, Malaysia’s busiest port and the second largest in Southeast Asia, in preparation to exporting across the ASEAN region in the future.

To date, Chery Corporate has created over 1000 jobs in Malaysia through local operations with a network of 100 sales and service centres across the country.

The Jaecoo J7 will launch in Malaysia in July with celebrations over three days, from 19 to 21 July. 

More information on Chery Auto Malaysia visit at or Chery Malaysia’s Official Facebook page. Details about Jaecoo at or follow JAECOO Malaysia social platforms.