Chery Automotive biggest Chinese car exporter in July 2022

Chery Automotive is first Chinese carmaker to export over 50k units in a month

Chery Automotive sets record as the first Chinese auto brand to export more than 50,000 vehicles in a single month with 50,614 units in July 2022 (+90.1% year-on-year, or YoY) out of a global total of 131,533 vehicles (+57.7% YoY).

This was in the aftermath of Covid-19 and the ensuing logistical difficulties. From January to July 2022, Chery exported nearly 200,000 vehicles (+36.8% YoY). This is about a third of its global sales total so far this year.

Chery Automotive is the record holder for Chinese auto brands monthly exports. They have a 60.5% average growth rate in exports over the past three months. Its models include the Tiggo 8 and Tiggo 7 series models. The Tiggo 8 is a presidential car or state transport in several countries and regions. 31,263 units were exported in the first seven months of 2022 (+43.3% YoY),

In Egypt, Chery sold 1,846 vehicles in July, boosting its January-July sales total to 12,591 units. Its January-June market share stands at 11.42%. In South Africa, Chery sold 1,262 vehicles in July, lifting its January-July sales total to 6,380 units. This is a record high of 4.01% market share.

In H2, Chery launches the OMODA 5, the first model from the new global OMODA series. For younger drivers as it has more technology-rich features and trendy design.

Also, in line with the global trend towards new energy vehicles (NEV), Chery targets to implement NEV launches in 14 countries this year. This includes Brazil, Argentina and Chile and will cover a variety of powertrains such as pure electric, plug-in hybrid and 48V mild hybrid systems.

Chery vehicles are exported to more than 80 countries and regions. The automaker has set up 10 factories and more than 1,500 sales and service outlets overseas. With over 10 million users worldwide, including 2 million users outside China, Chery has been China’s top passenger car exporter for 19 consecutive years.

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