Jurassica celebrates Earth Day with Unplastic Program

Jurassica launches conservation programme for Earth Day 2018.

Jurassica, the immersive prehistoric experience, has launched the Unplastic Program in conjunction with Earth Day 2018. The programme aims to reduce plastic waste through encouraging recycling or using biodegradable alternatives.

The effect on the environment from mounds of un-destructible plastic is further-reaching than most people realise, as Darrin Lin, self-professed eco-warrior, demonstrated with slides depicting the amount of plastic waste humans generate, how we generate that waste, what happens to the plastic in our environment and the problems plastic pose once it gets into our food chain.

Also at the Unplastic Program launch was Pasupathy Jayaraj, Chairperson of Malaysian Nature Society (Selangor) who shared geographic facts about Malaysia many people are not aware of – did you know that Klang Gates is the site of one of only two quartz ridges in the world? – and the negative impact indiscriminate development is having on our lives.

As part of the programme, to help reduce plastic waste, Jurassica is offering visitors a special deal: bring 30 plastic bottles to Jurassica, irrespective of size, and redeem a free ticket. The plastic bottles will be used for workshops before being recycled.