Audi expands trainee intake: applications for 2017 now open

Audi has expanded the number of trainees for their 2016 dual occupational training programme that began in September. There are 804 altogether with 531 placed in Ingolstadt and 273 in Neckarsulm, a ten per cent increase over previous years. The company intends to maintain these intake figures over the next few years to strengthen its position in the future areas of digitisation and electric mobility.

AUDI AG currently provides vocational training in 20 different occupations with particular focus in the commercial and technical fields with the number of mechatronic apprentices increased by about 20 percent to 162, compared with the previous year, adapting its training occupations to reflect the latest developments.

Audi’s vocational training is highly-rated and recognised as one of “Germany’s best training organisations” in the categories “Automobile” and “Companies with more than 10,000 employees.”

Graduates of Audi’s training programmes are highly sought after with everyone guaranteed permanent employment. Approximately 30 per cent of the trainees are female, one of the highest ratios in the industry.

Audi also offers talented young people the possibility to combine their university studies with practical phases at the company. 24 young people are starting their dual studies at the site in Ingolstadt and 18 in Neckarsulm this year.

The deadlines for applications for the 2017 training year are September 11 in Neckarsulm and September 25 in Ingolstadt. Applications are to be submitted online at

Dual training at Audi 2016: The company is strengthening its position in areas of the future, especially in the technical fields: For example, the number of mechatronic apprentices has increased compared with the previous year by about 20 percent to 162.