Ferrari awarded Equal Salary Certificate

Ferrari closing the gender pay gap 

Ferrari SpA has been awarded the Equal Salary Certificate. The Italian car maker received the accreditation for paying the same salary to men and women based on their qualifications and positions in the company.

The Equal Salary Foundation, a Swiss-based foundation, granted the Certification following an eight month long study by international audit firm, PwC. The methodology was recognised by the European Commission.

Ferrari is the first Italian company to receive this specific certification. The certification process included a detailed statistical analysis of compensation levels. Ferrari is one of Europe’s companies successfully bridging the gender pay gap. In addition, Ferrari’s employees completed anonymous surveys on the company’s management and human resources development policies. They also participated in one to one interviews and focus groups to discuss their perception of the company’s culture and commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Equal Salary Certification is another milestone on a journey that has seen women play an increasingly prominent role within Ferrari. From 2016 to 2019, the female employees increased from 11,5% to 14% of the 4,285-strong workforce (31 December 2019 figures). Women have gradually taken on more and more responsibility and positions of increasing importance within the company over this time.