Be Extraordinary in Kuala Lumpur: 25-26 October 2017

The Bentley Be Extraordinary Tour, the Bentley Asia-Pacific brand experience tour continues in Kuala Lumpur. The travelling tour which began in Australia and has been making its way through South East Asia will be at the Bentley Showroom near KLCC from 25-26 October 2017.

The tour is an opportunity to find out more about the exquisite craftsmanship, the rich racing heritage and the extraordinary people (some might even be certified today) and stories behind the Bentley badge. From the process of sourcing for flawless hides to the number of hours put into hand-stitching the Mulsanne steering wheel, guests will discover the meticulous handcrafting skills that have produced cars of unrivalled beauty and individuality for almost a century.

Find out about the renown Bentley Boys and Girls like three-time Le Mans winner Woolf Bernato, the lady-racing pioneer Mary Petre Bruce and their incredible stories of driving prowess and sheer daring in their Bentleys.

The Be Extraordinary Tour also showcases the People of Bentley in Malaysia, the technical team in Malaysia who have played a role in the success of the brand in Malaysia.

The Bentley Be Extraordinary Tour is open to the public on:
Wednesday 25 October from 9am to 6pm
Thursday 26 October from 2pm to 6pm

The Bentley Kuala Lumpur showroom is located on the Ground Floor of Etiqa Twin Towers, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur.